Cy Crypto as an international investment firm, registered in the UAE, under DMCC regulation

The company was founded by a group of qualified experts, professional bankers, traders and analysts specialized in stocks, bonds, futures, currencies, forex, trading and arbitrage with more than ten years of extensive practical experience of combined personal skills, knowledge, talents and sustained success. that can maximize the profit of your investments within a booming market that will mark a before and after in monetary transactions.

Why Cy Crypto?

Knowledge of crypto market

We operate in different areas of the crypto market, investing in short and long term, trading, intraday, staking or investing in start-up projects.

Legal Compliance

We are registered under DMCC regulation, one of the most advanced crypto laws in the world.

Hedge fund investments

We support the launch of crypto projects from seed stage, private sales and by participating in funding rounds.

Innovative tools

We provide the tools to support our cross-platform trading, using advanced charting technology.

News & Headlines

We monitor the spectrum of available cryptocurrencies and alert our users to market moving events as and when it happens.

Contact Us

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